Live transfer campaigns for Health, Medicare and Final Expense products are the fastest growing segment of Colby Direct’s busienss.  There are a number of contributing factors:

1) The under-65 consumers has a heightened awareness of the ensuing tax penalties for failure to purchase a health plan.The government’s marketing campaign will be ramping up shortly in preparation for the Nov 15th open enrollment laujch.

2) Baby boomers are turning age 65 at the alarming rate of 1 each 11 seconds. These are savvy consumers who have seen over thirty “new and improved Crest toothpaste adds.  They are proactive and seeking information by first going to the web. Medicare’s open enrollment is but 3 months away on October 15th.

3) These same baby boomers are seeing their parents, and in some cases, their cohorts die, which has forced them to acknowledge their need for protecting family members against the costs of pricey funerals.

Several years ago we saw these trends begin to emerge and sustain themselves.  This observation prompted us to fine-tune our Health, Medicare Supplement and Final Expense warm live transfer campaigns to unprecedented levels of excellence and we were summarily rewarded by now serving some of the most elite names in these verticals.

What does Colby feel are key ingredients its best-of-breed warm live transfer programs?   First, unlike many other live transfer partners, which roll over each new warm prospect to the next available clients’ call center among a queue of clients, Colby fully dedicates a team of representatives who ONLY transfer to ONE SPECIFIC client.  Over the years we have discovered that this approach yields the fastest ride on the learning curve on the receiving and delivering ends of the call to achieve a high-quality and seemless process.  The prospect truly experiences a phone being handed to another agent as you would hand your mobile phone to someone else.

Second, no differently than web data upon which carriers and brokers make their own outbound calls, Colby is under the same pressure to optimize the quality of the web leads to which we are placing calls….or face getting upside-down financially.  Most often, in addition to basic filtering criteria, we bounce our leads up against the Axciom database to ensure we are only “warming up” the MOST targeted of prospects.  Once we apply our final 2 to 3 qualifying questions before transferring the call, our clients are getting a rather “hot” live transfer. In short, a warm live transfer partner is “putting their money where their mouth is” by making outbound calls to the very data that most lead-gen firms will only sell to clients, forcing the client to absorb the full risk of their quality, or lack thereof.

Lastly, we are told often by clients that they love our frequent and no-nonsense level of communication. We have an internal policy to never hide behind email in our commmunicationa and we often suggest jumping on the telephone with clients. Heck, we have shocked a number of clients with our insistence to meet with them face-to-face, wherever their businesses may be located! Face-to-face meetings seem to be all-to-rare a mode of communication these days, but nothing compares.

Warm live transfer campaigns can be a highly-leveraged tactic of any fast-growing health, Medicare Supplement, or Final Expense sales and marketing strategy. You’ll want to be careful to partner only with pure direct-marketers, ones who like us, have been on your end of this blog, having to meet a difficult CPA stretch goal.

If you would like to learn more about Colby’s suite of warm live transfer lead generation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We require  $5K minimum total test campaign commitment. For more information, please email us at or call us at (443) 440-5041. Press 1 for Sales.