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What is the use of Chat GTP?

Generative AI models leverage artificial intelligence technologies to create entirely new content. This advancement from traditional machine-analysis, or AI, exemplifies how AI programs have learned from large language models created by Google, Microsoft, and Meta.

How to Use Aged Insurance Leads

Many insurance agents choose Aged Leads over Real-Time Leads because of the unique advantages and opportunities. Aged Leads can be anywhere from one week to one year old. These leads come with their own set of challenges, which is why agents should approach them strategically.

Match Your Insurance Leads with the Ideal Marketing Strategy

Telesales and face-to-face (F2F) appointments are two of the most effective methods for insurance agencies to convert B2B leads in distinct ways. Many management tactics overlap and interweave in places like F2F lead production or aiding telemarketing, and vice versa.

Overcome the 3 Biggest Obstacles of Insurance Lead Generation

Lead generation is all about helping policyholders find your services when they need them the most. When individuals shop for Life Insurance, the purchasing journey takes a structured path. By adding care and purpose to each part of that experience, you create a seamless process that provides the knowledge your leads need at the ideal moment.

How AI is Fueling Digital Marketing

After being in this business for over 20 years, I’ve seen it all. Nothing from the past can compare to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) ingenuity our tech engineers have been incorporating into our campaigns recently. Besides saving time and money, this sophisticated tool has increased traffic and leads tenfold, particularly with our insurance and healthcare clients who thrive on solid, reliable leads.

How AI Delivers More and Better Leads

We’ve all seen the possibilities in science fiction movies, yet it seemed to take decades for artificial intelligence to become main stream. While it continues to become a part of our daily lives, AI has made a huge dent in how B2B and B2C marketing programs are now being planned and executed.

Why Prospects Love Direct AI Experiences

Although there might be a slight fear of artificial intelligence taking over the world, let’s remember the film industry’s intention is to sensationalize. Movies like “I, Robot”, “RoboCop” and “War Games” demonstrate the extreme possibilities that will never (hopefully) become our reality.

Time to Update Your B2B SEO Strategy

If you’re still focusing on optimizing your page to rank for keywords, it’s time to step up your SEO B2B know-how. Algorithms have changed in the last year or two which means so must your strategy. A couple years back ranking to get on page one of all search engines was the lofty, but worthwhile goal. It is takes much more time and money these days.

Nurture Your Leads or Lose Them

Over 50 percent of those who respond to a company’s promotions or sales efforts are not in the buying stage. Lead nurturing is the process of encouraging prospects to the next step within the sales funnel. If the elements in the funnel are not prepared prior to garnering the leads, they will be lost forever… unless they return when they are ready to buy, which is rare.

Facebook Lead Generation

At this point, it doesn’t matter whether Mark Zuckerburg is in or out, Facebook continues to gain momentum. With over 2 million users in the US and nearly 2 billion users in the world, it simply has the reach no other platform or publication can claim.