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What It Takes to Get A $29.95 Digital Sale

What It Takes To Get A $29.95 Digital Sale:

Back in the days before the internet, selling a $29.95 nutraceutical meant having to invest heavily in a 3 page print “Magalog”.  Yet the internet has not changed the consumer’s need for information and validation of the product’s claims.

So where does that leave us?  Simple. It is […]

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E-Commerce: Easy as 1, 2, 3 Million

Build It And They Will Come. It’s Easy, Everyone’s Doing It, Right?

OK, so you want to launch a “simple” e-commerce website. Build it and they will come, right? Just build it, toss up some products, add a twist of SEO, and shake of PPC, and you are on your way to easy street? Right?  Wrong.  […]

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WordPress Vs. Static Websites for Direct Response Purposes

We know you are busy, so we have bulleted this blog post.  With so many Colby Direct clients in the direct marketing space, here is why you may want to consider doing your next micro-site or landing page in WordPress.

1) Content Management: Once you have built your initial landing page and wish to do […]

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5 Digital Ways to Get More Out Of Your Trade Show Investment

I write this from Las Vegas, where I am attending the PPAI promotional products trade show. Trade shows are still a critical part of many businesses promotional efforts. There is nothing that digital is ever going to do to replace a hand shake and face-to-face communication.  That said, try these 10 things to get far […]

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Yes, In 2013, We Still Love Email.

Just like the Mayans predicted the end of the world back in December of last year, many self-proclaimed pundits projected the end of email by this time.

You need not go further than your favorite social media platform or application to see that this certainly did not play out.  I remember only  a few years back […]

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Unbelievable New Product for Financial Institutions to Boost Loans

Imagine Knowing Exactly Which of Your Customers are Seeking Loans, But Not Necessarily with You!

In collaboration with our strategic partners at Stellar Strategic, we have developed a product that is one of the most powerful integrated loan acquisition programs I’ve seen. It’s direct marketing on steroids.   Imagine knowing within a day that your own […]

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Colby’s New Blog

Hello Customers, Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to our new blog. Here we will put up news, thoughts, strategies, tactics and updates relative to best practices in digital marketing.

So what is going on now? We are working with a couple of companies in getting them set up with a solid e-commerce platform […]

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