Below is a classic example of an extremely high converting email and direct response landing page creative that was developed by repurposing copy, imagery, and an offer from an offline direct mail control. Note how the email purposely does not mention the name of the product to keep the reader focused on the primary call to action. The email body copy contains the signature of an actual individual to increase credibility and a cleary hyperlinked sentence to click for further information. The headline, “I felt pain relief in just minutes” dovetails from the subject line of the email to allow for a smooth transition between opening and reading of the email.

Classic Direct Response Email


Use Only A Professional Direct Response Copywriter To Develop Your Copy

The direct response landing page content, shown below, was written by a highly seasoned offline/online direct-response copywriter, and was formattted into a clean, open design, allowing for an easy-to-read reinforcement of the product’s unique selling proposition.

First, it is evident from the branding and messaging that this landing page is connected with the email message, a first step towards decreasing the “bounce rate” of those who land on the page. Second, note how the name of both the product and manufacturer is now revealed, whereas it has not been in the email ( as a means of building suspense and precluding direct product web searches)

Classic Direct Response Landing Page

Classic Direct Response Landing Page

The campaign landing page scrolls for several “screens” and includes numerous opportunities to click to buy, thereby allowing for a full range of content requirements of buyers prior to committing to purchase. Time and again, in the nutritional supplement digitial space, long-form landing pages such as this one outperform their shorter form competitors in A/B split tests.

The Direct Response Landing Page Can Multi-Task For Greater ROI

The true beauty of a campaign such as this is the fact that the landing page can play double-duty and serve as a destination to which traffic is driven by a carefully crafted suite of banner ad units and Google adwords. ( again, both banner copy AND Google adwords copy should be left in the hands of seasoned direct-response copywriters) This is an oft-overlooked component of campaigns and too many marketers attempt to develop banner and adwords copy by unskilled in-house staff. We have been doing this work at Colby Direct for 10 years now and we cannot stress how much more responsive banner ads and adword units are when developed by a professional.

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