I was talking to a prospective client last week about online customer acquisition and he wanted to know how much of his marketing budget to allocate to social media. Plain and simple, what works and always works for customer acquisition is SEM, Ad Networks, and Email Marketing.  Social Media is a place for fun and relaxation. If users are going engage with a brand, its usually to get free stuff or discounts. Its extremely difficult to get someone to switch out of Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook to come listen to your “commercial”  Its no different than people blocking commercials on Tivo or subscriging to ad-free stream on Pandora or TuneIn.

If you have not committed to online customer acquisition through organic search, paid search, ad networks or email, you need to. That said, it’s no simple task. First, you must set up a Google Analytics account that will allow you to track all of your marketing spends and determine which tactic is yielding the maximum return.  Second, its a never-ending process to be coding landing pages, banners and emails in such a way as to ensure they are all being properly measured.  Third, and by no means last, there is a great amount of creativity involved in the development of the banners, search text and imagery to compel users to get to your web pages.

Online Customer Acquisition

Online Customer Acquisition Through Google Adwords

It takes a Certifed Google Adwords Professional to truly know all of the ins-and-outs of properly setting up and deployinbg such a campaign.  You would not leave your Maserati to be serviced by a Honda service center. If your business is going to get serious about online customer acquisition, be sure leave your campaign in the able hands of these elite professionals. And yes, Colby Direct has Certified Google Adwords staff to help you delve into this world.  Let us help you by tapping our 10 years of experience in online customer acquisition. Email us at info@colbydirect.com or call us at (443) 440-5041.