How AI is Fueling Digital Marketing

By Colby Prospect Generation

We’ve all seen the possibilities in science fiction movies, yet it seemed to take decades for artificial intelligence to become main stream. While it continues to become a part of our daily lives, AI has made a huge dent in how B2B and B2C marketing programs are now being planned and executed.

Now these intelligence processors can spot crucial and germane details that would have taken weeks or even months to compile and analyze… and it’s getting more sophisticated all of the time.

First off, let’s get clear on exactly what AI’s relationship is to digital marketing. Basically, it is a technology that is developed to think like a human. That means it uses logic and learns from data experiences, feedback, and responses so it can lead ready-to-buy clients to the point of purchase.

In the near future, AI will be making more marketing decisions than the hands-on marketing professionals. Yet there will always be a need for human interaction. AI will help marketers accelerate their customer knowledge which will allow them to employ more sophisticated strategies. Plus it will also provide extra time to focus on other aspects of the business.

In the meantime, AI is concentrating on data-driven tasks that integrate, eliminate, and prioritize information from various platforms. It already makes great financial sense to follow the insights derived from a prospect’s previous searches, preferences, and spending habits. AI already has the ability to perform tasks simultaneously and shortly it will do so with more complexity and speed.

AI and digital marketing will give companies the edge they’ve been looking for through current analytics monitoring. Even those who are using series of A/B testing, information cross-referencing, and synthesized shotgun marketing are still not hitting the mark each and every time. Artificial intelligence is capable of increasing that success ratio.

How AI advances digital marketing

  1. Content creation : This is already being seen in its most simple form. You watch Hulu, Amazon or Netflix and before long “suggestions” come up that are based on previous selections. Customer information is being sifted and repurposed for the next contact.
  2. Voice search : Now that voice searches are becoming more popular, AI has the ability to integrate it and provide synthesized and thorough data. Even now, the current personal assistants that have become popular in the last couple of years are able to share information with one another. According to TechCrunch (August 2017) the error rate of Microsoft’s speech recognition was down to 5.1%, making voice searches a growing component of the marketing mix.
  3. Lead generation : The days of sifting through piles of synthesized data are over. AI does it all. In the future, it will be faster, extremely fine-tuned, and will be able to predict prospects’ responses. It is targeted marketing at its best.
  4. Personalization: Guesswork will be minimized. Marketers will no longer have to make assumptions about larger groups of like-minded people. Individual information is already available on many levels and in so many different places. Think about how comprehensive information will become as AI programs find and combine pertinent data.
  5. Upgraded semantic searching: We are already seeing long search strings that are successful in locating the precise answer. AI has it handled and will continue to learn the words and phrases used for voice and typed searches. Not only will it group similar keywords, it will also project new strings based on current semantic trends and insights.
  6. Integration of insights Meta-analysis will be the name of the game and automation as we now know it will be even more instantaneous and accurate. No more checking several sites to discern if information is accurate. In fact, AI may be able to completely dispel “fake news”.

So hold onto your hats, you’re in for a fascinating ride into the world of AI digital marketing. We, at Colby Prospect Generation, have been developing the next version of our AI lead generation system and we know it’s a step up from most anything available. For a consultation or to schedule an in-depth review of your marketing activities, call (443) 440-5043 or drop us an email at