It is now simple to sell online. In just 5 years, so much has changed to make it easier than ever to get started selling online.  One of the biggest changes which has occcured is in the advent of multiple open-source e-commerce platforms.  Software such as Magento, OpenCart, adn UberCart has made e-commerce virtually plug-and-play and can have you up-and-running very quickly.  I still find the biggest challenge to be in dealing with Merchant Accounts and Payment Gatewaty providers. That said, PayPal has launched a Merchant Account Service which I use for 2 of my businesses. It comes with no monthy fee and a cost-effectiver percentage rate on transactions. I highly recommend it. If you want to view a site employing all of these recommendations, go to

If you are going to get serious about selling online, do yourself a favor and launch with a simple WordPress website supported by a simple ecommerce platform and PayPal’s Merchant Account.  What used to take months to launch now takes but weeks.  And remember too, you need to be fully prepared to launch Google Adwords and/or Ad Network, Affiliate Programs, and conduct email marketing.  A site will sit there buried under billions upon billions of web pages if you don’t do something to break through the clutter. Its now simpler than ever to sell online.

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Kurt Snyder