How to Use Aged Insurance Leads

Many insurance agents choose Aged Leads over Real-Time Leads because of the unique advantages and opportunities. Aged Leads can be anywhere from one week to one year old. These leads come with their own set of challenges, which is why agents should approach them strategically.

In many instances, agents using Real-Time Leads fail to follow up with clients, leaving receptive prospects uninsured. This oversight leaves room for other insurance agents to seal the deal with qualified Aged Leads.

1. Practice for New Agents

Many new agents are looking for a way to sharpen their sales skills. A pool of Aged Leads offers an excellent starting point. Aged Leads are affordable and allow beginning agents to put learned skills to the test. This process builds confidence and teaches new agents how to listen and respond to client requests.

Mastering a skill can take up to 10,000 hours, but inexperienced agents can have difficulty generating initial leads necessary to practice and improve. A comprehensive list of Aged Leads gets the ball rolling so that new agents can get experience under their belts.

New agents can quickly become familiar with the sales process from start to finish and learn the ropes of what it takes to become a better salesperson. While learning from their mistakes, new agents will also have the chance to test selling techniques, speaking professionally, and overcoming obstacles with creative thinking.

2. Transfer to a Telemarketer

Passing on your Aged Leads to a telemarketing service can be an effective way to get the most value out of your investment. In addition to eliminating the frustrations of cold calling, the right telemarketing agency generates a list of ready-to-buy qualified leads.

By using a live transfer service, telemarketers can connect warm leads to your agents directly. Besides saving time, outsourcing to a telemarketing service can also be more affordable than having your agency's staff cold-call Aged Leads.

Consequently, agents will have more free time to devote to higher-value activities like providing superior customer service. Without hours of repetitive cold calling on their schedules, agents also gain a motivational boost that encourages them to reach their full potential.

3. Use in Email Campaigns

You can use Aged Insurance Leads to create a profitable email or drip advertising campaign. For a successful drip email campaign, you'll need the following:

  • Introduction/Welcome email series – The first three emails will filter out qualified leads from your list of Aged Leads. During this process, you can assign leads to specific agents, segment target audiences, and take notes to identify trends or patterns.
  • Follow-up email series – Staying in touch with warm leads is essential to build a relationship with policy seekers. The focus should be on offering beneficial coverages, services, and personalized solutions to customers' challenges.
  • Automated email series – Using automated email marketing tools can be an effective way to close insurance leads. By setting up a series of customizable email replies, you can speed up interactions significantly, book appointments instantly, and deliver information at the perfect time.

Compared to all other types of marketing, email marketing has the highest Return on Investment at $42 for every dollar spent. These conversion capabilities make Aged Leads ideal candidates for an email campaign.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging Aged Leads can be a lucrative way to sell insurance in 2021. Using the right tactics, Aged Leads can fill your sales pipeline with additional income. Learn more about leveraging aged insurance leads from the professionals at Colby Direct.