Match Your Insurance Leads with the Ideal Marketing Strategy

Telesales and face-to-face (F2F) appointments are two of the most effective methods for insurance agencies to convert B2B leads in distinct ways. Many management tactics overlap and interweave in places like F2F lead production or aiding telemarketing, and vice versa.

Converting insurance leads into policyholders requires a strategic follow-up plan. One of the first choices agencies face is how to manage those leads. Determining whether to direct leads to the telemarketing team or set them up with a F2F appointment is a critical sales choice. Digital, warm transfer, and direct mail leads each with unique considerations that agencies need to recognize to maximize sales growth chances.


Telemarketing works well by itself and in conjunction with other marketing campaigns. For example, when you set appointments, your first interaction with the customer could be over the phone. This conversation could, in turn, lead to a follow-up, face-to-face meeting.

Digital Leads

As many as 83% of insurance customers use the internet to learn more about potential coverage options. Telemarketing tends to be the best strategy for managing digital leads from Social Media, your agency's website, TV, or other electronic media.

Contacting leads asap is essential to avoid losing a potential sale. Telemarketing requires a significant technology and sales training investment, which is why many agencies outsource to an experienced third-party telesales service provider.

Warm Transfer

According to a recent study, over 70% of warm leads are lost due to delayed response times. Following up with a warm transfer lead or customer ready to buy is typically fastest over the phone. By connecting with leads while they're actively searching for coverage, you'll have a better chance of selling a policy. Instead of back and forth emails or risking missed calls, offering customers the opportunity to speak with an agent promptly can help close more sales.

Face-to-Face Appointments

Nowadays, most people communicate via digital technology. This preference can make the power of a face-to-face encounter even more effective. Many individuals aren't expecting a personal F2F interaction with the insurance agent, creating the ideal environment to build trust. Most importantly, face-to-face appointments help solidify lifetime relationships and earnings with policyholders.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is an effective component of an insurance marketing strategy, especially among seniors and individuals less prone to turn to technology for their insurance needs. According to the latest statistics, 73% of Americans prefer direct mail over other forms of advertising. Consequently, the best response for this type of lead is usually a F2F appointment.

Meet the expectations of your direct mail leads by sending them a formal invitation to discuss their coverage options face-to-face. These appointments create a personalized setting and the opportunity to engage customers in questions and answers dialogue. 

How Colby Can Help

Colby's proprietary technology was specifically designed to accelerate insurance sales growth. Built-in automation and integrations boost your digital, warm transfer, and direct mail B2B insurance lead sales efforts. Learn more about finding the best insurance leads from the professionals at Colby.

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