All About the top 5 Final Expense Lead Types for Life Insurance Sales

Generating leads for final expense life insurance sales is important. There are several different lead types that you can use to help you make life insurance sales. Using a mix of these top 5 lead types is a best practice.

This handy guide will explain the top five final expense lead types and how to use them to generate life insurance sales for final expense insurance. Read on to learn more, then call the experts at Colby Direct to learn more.

The top 5 Final Expense Lead Types for Life Insurance Sales

These are the five lead types for final expense insurance you should explore:

  1. Aged Leads – Aged leads can be a good source of final expense leads, especially for newer sales agents. They are less expensive because they are older. You will want to plan your script for use with aged leads knowing they have been marketed to in the past. Some will not be viable, but some will be – spend your time marketing to aged leads that show interest, and you can be successful using aged leads for final expense insurance sales.


  1. Direct Mail – Direct mail can be a great source of targeted leads for final expense sales. The great part with direct mail is that everyone gets mail at home, and most people still read it. Even better if you personalize it and make sure you send your campaign to the right audience.


  1. Warm Transfer – Warm transfer calls, also called live transfer calls, are those calls that are transferred to you directly from the CSR at the call center. The lead is already on the line, and they have expressed interest to this point. These types of warm leads are great because your prospect has already learned a little about your product, and they are interested in making a purchase. You simply need to provide more information and close the deal.


  1. Digital – Social media grows in popularity every day. Many people check their email and other sites before even getting out of bed in the morning. Take advantage of this habit by building your digital presence. Do you have a YouTube or Facebook page? Use it to help generate leads for final expense life insurance sales. You can purchase Facebook ads and target your market. Statistics show 29% of customers in 2020 preferred digital sales.


  1. Telemarketing – Do not forget about the traditional methods of lead generation – telemarketing is still a major part of insurance sales. Call centers, many offshore, see a lot of business talking to prospects and generating leads you can use to close the sale.

Relying on a mix of lead types can help you reach the most potential customers. This grows your sales and your business. Using the top five final expense lead types is a smart way to generate more leads.


Final Thoughts

Using many or all of these top five final expense lead types can help you grow your life insurance sales business. Use some of these types to grow your business, and let us know what you think.

How do I Learn More?

To learn more about the top five final expense lead types, contact the experts at Colby Direct. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.