All About the top 5 Medicare Lead Types for Life Insurance Sales

There are many tried and tested ways to generate Medicare leads. Read on to learn about the top five Medicare lead types and how to use them to find more leads to sell Medicare insurance products. Then contact the experts at Colby Direct to learn more.

The top 5 Medicare Lead Types

These top five Medicare lead types are a great place to start:

  1. Aged Leads – Aged leads could be a helpful place to find Medicare leads. Aged leads are older ones. They may be people who did not qualify for Medicare in the past, but they may qualify now. It is worth asking and finding out if their situation has changed since the last sales call.


  1. Direct Mail – Direct mail campaigns might focus on education around Medicare policies, changes, or costs. You could also use a direct mail campaign to introduce yourself and set yourself up as the local expert who can help them learn more. You can also use a direct mail postcard to offer something of value, like a free consult.


  1. Warm Transfer – Warm transfer leads are great for Medicare insurance sales. Warm or hot transfers are customers who are already interested in Medicare and who need the product. Maybe they have been prescreened for various illnesses or chronic conditions that make Medicare the right choice for them, leaving you to give more information and sell the product they need.


  1. Digital – Social media sites like Facebook are a great place to find Medicare leads. There are many different lifestyle groups that you could join that are filled with potential leads. Join groups for elder care, church groups, 55 or 60-plus social groups, and fitness or activity groups for seniors. Some groups answer questions about Medicare – that is an obvious place to start finding leads. It is often a good idea to approach social media marketing by being a resource instead of starting by selling. Networking often works best when you offer something of value first before asking something of your contact.


  1. Telemarketing – Since your ideal Medicare customer is usually older, telemarketing can be a surprisingly effective lead generation strategy. Many older people still have landlines and spend time in their homes. They may be more likely to answer the phone and talk to you – this makes them more likely to buy from you, as well. Offer an in-person or longer appointment to provide more information and learn their needs.

You can generate Medicare sales by using these top five lead types and listening to their needs and expectations. By filling their insurance gaps, you will help people find the right Medicare policy for their needs.



Final Thoughts

Using these top five Medicare lead types can help grow your business. Being creative and offering your help as a resource is a good place to start as you find leads. Try some or all of these ideas and contact us for more help.

How do I Learn More?

To learn more about the top five final expense lead types, contact the experts at Colby Direct. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.