Website Design and Development Firm In Washington D.C.So what can a website design development firm in Washington D.C. do for your business? For those of you who have ever built a full-blown e-commerce website from the ground up, you know what I am talking about. It is one thing to design, develop, and launch an e-commerce website. It is another very different thing to acquire web customers, nurture them, and develop them into lifelong loyal customers. What seems like a simple set of 8 to 10 forward-facing web pages with a checkout is really just the exterior of a labyrinth of interconnected platforms.

At any given time you might need to access the following dashboards

– Content Management System (e.g.,WordPress)

– E-commerce Plug-In (e.g, Magento, WooCommerce)

– Email Marketing (e.g., Exact Target, Vertical Response, Response Genius)

– Social Media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)

– Payment Gateway (e.g.,, First Data)

– Inventory Management Dashboard (e.g., Shipworks)

– Merchant Account Bank Dashboard (e.g., Wells Fargo, SunTrust)

– Accounting Dashboard (e.g., QuickBooks Pro)

Each of these components, or platforms must seamlessly integrate with some combination of several, or all, of the others. If you have done it, you know it is like plumbing or electrical work. Everything must fit together just right.  The tendency for so many businesses is to overbuild these components, or to select components that are far too robust for their basic e-commerce requirements.  When selecting from dozens of solutions in these various categories, you must have a clear vision of the end ( or at least the next 12 to 24 months in mind) in order to choose the optimal configuration.  You must consider the rate of scaling of your business as well as your demands for reporting.

It is also important to note how much integration an e-commerce website requires with real, dirt-world entities. Your accounting and inventory systems must align with your fulfillment house. Your payment gateway must work flawlessly with your bank. All of this will require scores of face-to-face, real-world, hand-shake meetings and relationship building.

On a positive note, it is incredible how commoditized so many of these solutions, software packages, and interfaces have become. Further, most of these components require only a one-time set up fee or cost, while some of them are free.  Again, in the end, what is crucial is that you begin with the end in mind…the realistic and probable end about 24 months out.  If you have gone through the process, and I have dozens of times for clients, as well as my own baby,, you also know how amazingly gratifying and exciting it is to wake up in the morning, log-in to your e-commerce platform, to see all of the orders your website transacted while you were asleep! For more information on how Colby Direct can help your business, just as we have helped thousands of others over the past decade, please email us at or call at (443) 440-5041

Website Design Development Firm In Washington D.C.. Website Design Development Firm In Washington D.C.