You can greatly reduce your cost per sale by TRULY partnering with your live transfer partner in selling Auto, Health and Life products.  This is how it’s done:

Carriers or brokers, in addition to purchasing live transfers, also purchase web leads from the pool from which these transfers are generated. Colby’s agents make a first, or second pass at a prospect, and if unsuccessful in connecting, pass that hot web lead to the client’s CRM for continued outreach. This works extremely well as carriers are able to decrease the cost per sale by reducing the overhead allocation on a substantial percentage of total sales.

In essence, Colby’s outbound telemarketing capability becomes a TRUE extension of our clients’ outbound telemarketing function, as we both share in, and collaborate on, reaching the maximum number of prospects by phone. The net effect is to reduce the aggregate cost per sale through an increased percentage of lower-cost, outsourced leads eventually leading to sales.

To learn more about how you can reduce your overall cost per sale, email or call us at (443) 440-5041 and Press “1” for Sales.