Lead Generation Company to Increase Sales

Lead Generation Company to Increase Sales


Tap Colby Direct’s 14 Years of Experience Delivering Calls and Web Leads to Your Door

About Us

Colby Direct launched in October 2004. Our founder, Kurt Snyder, was a marketing executive with a major national health insurer during his corporate career. His passion for direct response tactics took him quickly into digital and the integration of digital with calls. Today, Colby Direct has grown into a multi-million dollar firm and is a highly-sought after partner for insurance partners in Health Insurance, Medicare, Life, and Identity Theft.

We are highly adept at all forms of web traffic generation, media optimization, and conversion optimization. We leverage the very-latest technology platforms to maximize the efficient creation of high-volume, high-quality leads.

Facebook Campaigns

Facebook is fast-becoming one of the best places, and final frontiers to acquire new customers. Targeting on Facebook and its sister platform, Instagram, far surpass that of paid search, email marketing.
Facebook advertising is highly complex and sophisticated. It is not something you have one of your internal staff play with until she “figures it out”. It takes years of training and testing to master Facebook’s ad platform complexities, just as it took years for your brand to master Google Adwords.
Further, you will not get dedicated support at Facebook (like we do) until you spend over $100K per month in media. We have ongoing, dedicated Facebook support from the outset of your campaign.
We are making millions of dollars for our clients each month with highly complex, customized Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and can do the same for your firm.
Don’t try to find Facebook “experts” out on the web. You won’t. Upwork, Indeed, and other sites are loaded with Facebook charlatans, wannabes and posers.


Pricing for Facebook campaigns is based upon a customized scope of work and business objectives. It typically requires a nominal start-up fee and ongoing monthly “per lead” bounty fee when client pays media.
Call (443) 440-5041, or email info@colbydirect.com for pricing details unique to your goals.

SEO Services

Every marketer strives to get his service to the top position in the organic section of of Google Search results. We can help your position rise to where you are not longer buried on page 2 or 3. When you come up to the first page, your phone starts to ring. We do this through our proprietary method of generating relevant content and ensuring that the search engines find it, and index your pages. Over time, you will begin to see your product listings rise higher and higher.

OnPage SEO Pricing

$250 - $500 (One Time)

OffPage SEO Pricing

$595 (7 Keywords/ Month)
$770 (10 Keywords/ Month)
$1015 (15 Keywords/ Month)
$1190 (20 Keywords/ Month)
$1575 (30 Keywords/ Month)
$2275 (50 Keywords/ Month)
$3920 (100 Keywords/ Month)
$595 (7 Keywords/ Month)
$100 (Any additional keyword)

Call (443) 440-5041, or email info@colbydirect.com for pricing details unique to your goals.

Custom Campaigns

Colby Direct has over 20 years of experience in creating customized digital customer acquisition campaigns. Based upon our assessment of your needs, we can recommend and execute a comprehensive digital plan including SEM, SEO, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.


Pricing varies depending upon the scope of work required to achieve your goals. Typically, our partners pay us some up-front fee for set up ( as a gesture of having some “skin in the game” with us) as well as some combination of a performance-based “per lead” or monthly retainer fee.

Call (443) 440-5041, or email info@colbydirect.com for pricing details unique to your goals.



Colby Direct has broad and deep experience in serving the insurance vertical. We cut our teeth in insurance, and continue to be well-versed in the marketing and compliance complexities surrounding its campaign development and execution.

Our clients include major national carries, including, but not limited to:

Kaiser Permanente
Bankers Life Insurance
Medicare Advisors
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans
Ideal Concepts
Ehealth Insurance
US Health Group
US Health Advisors
Mutual of Omaha


Health Insurance
Medicare Supplement
Medicare Advantage
Long Term Care
Final Expense
Life Insurance
Dental Insurance
Wealth Advisory
Knee & Back Braces

Web Solutions

Responsive Web Designs

Wordpress Development

Software Development

Graphic Design

Native Applications

Hybrid Applications

Contact Us

Contact Us

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